Gasoline Sniffing, Addictions, Michael Jackson, Tablecoth of Turin, Ron Carlson

 September 1, 2009

Gasoline Sniffing, Addictions, Michael Jackson, Tablecoth of Turin, Ron Carlson

 Petrol sniffing is a problem with aboriginal people in Australia. Michael Jackson took Dipravan and the Russians drink ungodly amounts of vodka.  Studies show that many Americans aren’t down with sniffing petrol, and if they don’t know how to make a decent martini being the uncivilized lot that we are, will turn to the American alternative, the hand crafted beer if you are a sophisticate, the cheap beer if you are a regular guy and the nice wine if you are a Californian.  If you possess the Tablecloth of Turin, then you might have a California wine as well.  Ron Carlson’s story gives us an insurance investigator who buys a tablecloth of the Last Supper with many wine stains which prove to be California wine, but he assures us this is because California culture is older than was previously thought. 

 Addictions:  Most of us have them, some to television, some to exercise, some to Dipravan, some to alcohol.  Is the idea to choose healthy addictions or to be like the Dalai Lama and have no addictions?  Is that guy addicted to meditating?  I bet he is.  I bet he can’t get through the day without at least thinking quietly.  Well, that’s pretty healthy, and it’s not hurting anyone.  Maybe more of us should try it.  And afterwards, we could try some California wine.

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  2. Hello from Russia)

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