Why I will never be to Kate Gale, Bruce Holland Rogers

Monday, August 31, 2009

This is an excerpt from Bruce Holland Rogers’ splendid new blog.  You can see this entry is all about jealousy. That green-eyed monster.  Bruce is a great writer.


Why I Will Never Be Kate Gale


At the August MFA residency on Whidbey Island, the two principals of Red Hen Press, Kate Gale and Mark Cull, were among the speakers in the Business of Writing class. Kate keeps a blog, aptly named A Mind Never Dormant, where she sometimes posts several times a day and is interesting and entertaining every time.

Kate’s blog is so good, so readable, that it has made me re-think my relationship to social media and blogging.  Surely, between learning Hungarian, writing my stories, working on my novel, working with students, and writing my columns for flashfictiononline.com I can come up with one interesting thing to say each day.

So for the rest of August and all of September, I’d going to spend five minutes blogging.  Every day, a readable thought, something worth contributing to the conversation.  I won’t expect to keep up with Kate. Who could keep up with Kate? Can even Mark Cull keep up with Kate, whose very name is synonymous with pleasure? He’s a good man for trying!

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