Pigeon Racers, Furries, Writers, Cheese Stands Alone

August 23, 2009

Pigeon Racers hang together, We writers are like the cheese, the cheese stands alone

 Americans like very much to join groups, and not only that, but we mistrust people who don’t belong to any groups.  It’s strange.  There are pigeon racers, and there are Furries, I will try to keep you updated with more info on them.  What a group.  Grownups having sex in furry costumes with pheromones rubbed on them, what a concept. I mean, I thought teenagers were weird but this is a new level of weird. 

 Pigeon racing.  There are groups of people who raise and carefully train pigeons to race.  Now think about that.  That is a totally useless activity.  I mean the Furry thing, I’m trying to be sympathetic but Pigeon racing? 

 Some would argue that dirt bike racing in Baja or football are also useless, but the ultimate in useless activities is studies that bring you to the MLA conference.  People there are giving papers on little tiny pieces of literary history.  As Hedda Gabbler points out, literary historians get obsessed with little things— in the case of her husband, he is studying Brabantia in the Middle Ages.  He studies Brabantia while she wishes he would get her pregnant.  By the end of the play, the marriage is of course, over in more ways than one.  But literary people like hanging with other literary people, pigeon racers, with pigeon racers, and of course the Furries hang together.  We writers stay in our own sheds; we like it that way.


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