Furry Conventions, Furries and Swinging

August 21, 2009

 Furry Conventions, Furries and Swinging

 Furries and their conventions came to the attention of this blogger at Whidbey; I am really sorry to say that I was not aware of Furries before but I have been furiously researching Furries and their habits since and here is what I have found out.  Furries as a group first emerged in the 80’s.  Attending science fiction and comic book conventions dressed in animal costumes, these groups of people, eventually formed their own conventions.  There are now over 40 of these every year.  Often these conventions start with a dark chase.  The Furries (humans dressed in the animal clothing that exhibits who they truly are) chase each other with glow sticks.

 Atlanta has one of the biggest of these Furry conventions coming up in  March of 2010, link is below.  But wait, there’s more.  The Furries rub themselves with pheromones which adds to their animal pleasure before having sex and like to have sex in full costume.  Authentic costumes have special openings for sexual activity.   I asked my college student experts about the habits of the Furries and found that many Furries are also swingers.  Apparently since most animals are not monogamous, neither are Furries.  My research would lead me to believe you have your dwarf deer, beaver, otters, jackals, a few bats, and foxes that will often mate for life, but it isn’t very common… so the Furries believe in communal sexual activity often practiced at parties and at the conventions. 

 I am going to state for the record, that I think I am going to have to miss the upcoming Furry convention in Atlanta, I’ve peeked ahead at my calendar and it looks like I am busy those dates, but if anyone is going and can take photos and notes and wants to guest blog for me, please let me know.  I think the world deserves to know what these Furries are up to.




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  1. The thing is, you mention “the Furries rub themselves with pheromones which adds to their animal pleasure before having sex and like to have sex in full costume. Authentic costumes have special openings for sexual activity.” but this is accounting for less than 1% of the entire furry community. Unfortunately it seems to be the most popular misconception regarding furries. The majority of people seem to base the fandom off of something they watched on TV (the MTV special, the CSI furry episode, etc).

    However when you’re actually around such you tend to see different. While yes, there may be furries who have sex in fursuits, it’s again less than 1% of the entire fandom.

    The amount of energy it takes to stay cool in a fursuit alone is hard, let alone trying to have sex in one. Secondly, most fursuits cost $1,500+ and that is something that the great majority are not going to ‘stain’ with some silly yiff.

    Most furries are wary of the media because of the great twisting they tend to do in regards to the fandom. Most media seem to want to dig into the ‘darker’ things in the fandom (sex, etc) instead of spotlighting what normally goes on.

    • I thought the CSI episode involving furries had some very weak spots in the writing and direction. CSI is one of my favorite shows, but the writers and director just didn’t know what to do with the furries, didn’t give them directions for interacting. Or gave them lame directions. “Stand in the background of this shot, but don’t stand still. Um, do something, you know, animal-ly.”

      I feel let down by any error of verisimilitude, and in this case the CSI episode made furry fandom seem implausible. That’s bad storytelling, when you manage to make something real seem made up.

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  3. Glow sticks. Awesome. 😉

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