No Country for Old Men

August 4, 2009

 No Country for Old Men

 Cormac McCarthy,  now that is a masculine name, probably for a masculine guy.  His books are extremely male and depressing.  Javier Bardem who I had just seen in Love in the Time of Cholera when this came out, kind of slayed me that he could be so nasty and vicious here.  Such a legendary  lover in Cholera and here just ranging and killing.  The Road was sad and depressing and male and so was this book and so was this movie, but still worth seeing just because.  In movies, people get caught because they always go to hotels, restaurants, use their credit cards, make phone calls, they get caught.  People are like cats, they have to poke up their head and look around.  Anyway, we saw this movie in the theatre, and now we see it again, torturing ourselves with the Netflix, just to show, that I too am a good woman that can watch these male type aggression movies with my man and it’s not all just more dramatic fare.  I never like romantic movies or chick flicks either, I just like movies like Sexy Beast or Stranger than Fiction.  Here we go, there will be blood on the streets tonight.  Violence and killing and Josh Brolin and Tommy Lee Jones are simply fantastic to say nothing of my man Javier Bardem who has a haircut that really makes him look like a serial killer.  It’s a special serial killer haircut.  The ending of this movie, which I won’t give away is simply weird.  I wonder what old Cormac does for fun.  I really hope he has a good therapist.  Maybe more than one would be wise.  I wonder if he has a wife.  He sure doesn’t have many women saying anything realistic in his books, so I doubt it.  Or maybe he has a really quiet wife.  That’s what I’m thinking.

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