Esalen—How to Get Published in Twelve Months, See You in one Week

July 31, 2009

Esalen—How to Get Published in Twelve Months, See You in one Week

 I am going to make one more entry about Esalen since I am leaving for Los Angeles tomorrow and I need to decidewhen I get back whether I really am going to Esalen the following weekend so for those of you sitting on the fence who are reading my blog go ahead and sign up because by Monday I have to decide whether I am going to teach the workshop on how to get published. 

 Esalen is situated on 200 acres of spectacular Big Sur Coastline with the best organic cooking you’ll ever experience and the most amazing hot springs and massages you have ever imagined in your waking dreams.  These massages are orgasmic.

 People who have worked there:  Kerouac, Ferlinghetti, Henry Miller, Chris Isherwood, Joan Baez, Aldous Huxley, Allen Ginsberg, Ansel Adam, Ed Weston and his son Brett.  But, here’s the thing, there are places you can go that are about healing that really just have that creepy male energy, male as cult figure, woman as follower, that all the Beats aspired to, maybe all except Kaufman.  You don’t find that at Esalen.  I would know it if it were there. 

 I grew up in a cult and patriarchal males who like subservient young females are my least favorite element, that is just the opposite of Esalen energy, which is wholly healing and effervescent like something bubbling from the center of the universe.  I’m just coming from Greece and I don’t deserve another trip, but I want to drive up to Big Sur and feel the hot mineral springs and see that huge sea coming in over the rocks and tell a new group of writers how they’ll get published and hum and bubble and thrive.  Maybe I will see you there.  Sign up, my friend.  I’m coming back from Greece with a new bag of tricks.  We’ll look over the ocean, and we’ll dream new myths.

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  1. Hey Kate,

    I’ve been loving your blog about Greece. It’s on my top ten list of places I hope to see in the next few years.

    Jane and I have been waiting to deliver on our ‘cookie’ promise until you arrive home, but now I see you’ll be hitting the road again soon. Maybe Mark likes cookies?

    BTW, when you gave the talk at Antioch, wasn’t it How to get published in 18 mos? Did you manage to trim off six months while you were vacationing?

    Hope your journey home is safe.

  2. Credit you looking for details. It helped me in my task

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