Swimming one very last time in the Aegean Sea, Dreaming of Greek Islands

July 29, 2009

Our anniversary… back in Athens–wrote all this right before we left

 Mark points out that I am swimming in the Aegean Sea, not the Mediterranean, although technically the Aegean Sea is part of the Mediterranean.  There are so many Greek islands; it’s amazing they could make a coherent country of this at all.  When you look at a map, there are so many and of course, others don’t show on the map.  I would like to go by boat and visit Santorini and Leros, Mykonos, Crete, get a feel for other islands.  Boat would be the way to do it. Patmos has no airport and apparently that limits the number of people who visit it.  We are going to catch the 11 pm ferry back to Athens.  Hopefully we can sleep on the 7 hour boat ride.

 Two days in Athens and then back to our busy Los Angeles lives.  During this whole time here, Mark has never checked his email.  He has worked on his writing, photography and thinking.  I missed my email on Sunday because I check it at a bar and the bar was closed on Sunday in Patmos, I guess a religious enough island that they have respect. 

 In Los Angeles, the Catholics have respect, but they are still willing to sell you margaritas on Sunday evening; it’s a different kind of respect.  Greek Orthodoxy is not a religion I understand.  Seeing the priests talking to women in town while loading their goods into the trunk of a Mercedes, well, there’s something special about that kind of religion.  They are living in monasteries and hermitages that are uniquely beautiful in the entire world. Catholicism I understand vaguely because America is full of Catholics who are often guilty about this and that, but do it anyway.  I will have my friend Gabe explain the Greek Orthodox religion to me when I return.  I think Mark wants to join. 

 This is his picture from the Museum in Athens.  The Mask of Agamemnon.



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  1. The Greek islands really are a dream come true!! http://www.sunisle.co.uk/news/Greece/Island-News/Louise-Roe:-Greek-island-trip-a-dream-come-true

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