The Graduate

Monday, July 13, 2009

 Friends of this blogger know that I don’t watch old movies, with the exception of a few favorites like Psycho so this review of The Graduate will come as a surprise.  I don’t know what possessed me to see this movie that came out pretty soon after I was born.  Dustin Hoffman is a cool cat and Anne Bancroft is amazing.  He is like a woman, he wants to know her, to understand her, and she wants for it to be about sex.  It’s such a fabulous role reversal and I guess that’s one of the many reasons people loved the movie back in the day.  That and the role reversal. 

 An older man wanting to be with a girl his daughter’s age is as familiar as a good cappuccino here in Los Angeles.  It makes them feel like gods.  They can control the woman, they can tell her what to do.  There was a book that came out about this.  It’s called The Jennifer Syndrome.  Men who have to have a young woman to adore them, listen to them, hang on their words. It makes them feel big.  I always think all that adoration would get boring after a while, but apparently not.

 Gina’s husband says he wants to be a woman who is his equal.  I love that in a human being. I think a person who wants to be challenged by the person he’s with is worth his or her salt and blood and heart.  Ah, I remember when I met Mark, I knew I could stay and play. And  I knew I would run my whole life to keep up.  All good.

 So this movie  is a role reversal, the woman who wants a boy to play with.  An interesting twist.  I can’t quite imagine wanting a boy, but I like this movie.  I like it because it’s about being lost in the world, and I think all the interesting people are questing and confused and wild anyway.

 The part with Elaine Robinson is a bit odd, but I like odd compulsive behavior.  Him chasing.  Her holding back.  Very complicated relationships.  Good movie. Great music.

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