The Ice Storm

June 29, 2009

 The Ice Storm

 Based on the novel by Rick Moody, this is a movie with a lot of movie stars.  Tobey McQuire, Kevin Kline, Joan Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Elijah Wood, Christina Ricci, Kate Burton, Katie Holmes before she was a grown up.  Your family loves you, but they also make you crazy.  I think that’s our family too.  I love Joan Allen. I actually love all these actors.    But this whole movie is like watching a foreign country.  We never had people over who had good hair or normal families.  We never had normal people over at all.  And, I skipped the 70’s, I was in a cult then, so even the clothing looks foreign to me.  The whole way the families act and the way they wear pajamas to bed is cool.  Do normal people do that?  I’m just not sure.  We know too many writers.  I also like that they dress up for Thanksgiving.  It’s so very civilized.  We did that once, I think.  It’s hard to remember.

 In movies like this one and Revolutionary Road, the spouse sometimes falls back in love not realizing their husband is having an affair.  It’s so lucky for the husband, they have someone going crazy on them in the sack and then they get home and their wife is frisky as well.  I wonder how often this happens in real life.  Wives becoming frisky just as husbands begin to stray.  Seems highly unrealistic.  Most women I know seem highly suspicious, painfully so. 

 The whole key party thing.  I do not get it.  Why did people go along with this?  What if you ended up going home with some boring ugly guy?  Which would be worse?  Definitely boring.  For a woman… You wake up beside some guy who has nothing whatsoever to say.  Or, better yet… someone who never stops talking…But Joan Allen getting frisky in a car, that’s my girl.   A strange sad cool movie directed by Ang Lee.

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