Reading at Pharmaka

May 21, 2009

Another day, another ten miles… this weekend I will be swimming at Zaca instead of all this running.  But tonight I am reading at Pharmaka downtown.  I am going to read poems from the two collections I am currently working on.  Deborah Digges committed suicide after that wonderful reading at Boston Court.  Is poetry life?  or one small death at a time?  I know that if I had chosen law or medicine I would cast a shadow.  Poets, like vampires, cast no shadows.  Or they are all shadows.

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Hugo’s on Coldwater/Riverside


May 20, 2009

Decent day with chaos lifting.  Another ten mile run– still helping with stress.  Lunch with Terry Wolverton at Hugo’s on Coldwater which I love.  I had the noodle bowl with veggies.  Planned publishing.  Back to publishing and now off to teach my poetry workshop in Pasadena.  Life keeps spinning.

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Another Day, another run

May 19, 2009

Another day, another ten mile run.  Working on the publishing company.  Dreaming of writing and getting enough sleep.  Still chaos, but I think I’ll survive.

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Writing life. Chaos.

May 18, 2009

Ran another ten miles this morning.  I am trying to obliterate the angst over my own personal chaos.  It’s not quite working, but it is cheaper than therapy. 

Just did an interview for Author’s Audio with Jake.  Very nice guy.  Before that I was at my dentist, Dr. Nakoud, Knollwood Dental.  He’s a very chill dentist, but this was for a deep cleaning.  They only did half my mouth and it took an hour.  I got the maximum numbing they would give me; I took Percoset, I listened to Weird Al on my IPOD.  It was just bearable.  They said no spicy food tonight, but alcohol was not mentioned.  I am sure I sounded fantastic on the interview with my novocaine mouth. 

Off to write for the evening.  Maybe I’ll write about love and mourning, stupid mistakes, the dentist, the land of Oz.

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Ruskin Art Club

May 17, 2009


Ran ten miles, then off to the Ruskin reading with Brandon Schrand and Bart Edelman.  With music first.  Vicky Kirsch played the piano and Lori Ann Fuller sang magnificently.  Art songs are a beautiful thing.  Lori Ann’s voice is like a bell.  The whole place was packed.  We went to Cat and Fiddle afterward for beer as we usually do after Ruskin events.  Bart and Marc Acito were there, but  Bart can’t drink beer, but we took care of a pitcher.  Marc Acito is such a joy.   We’re watching Fat Man, Little Boy.  Good movie, and John Cusack is so young!

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Art Alliance Fund Raiser

May 16, 2009

Well, I took it easy on the running, only 5 miles.  Didn’t start until it was ungodly hot, thought I would pass out if I kept going.  Wrote a bit.  This evening I attended the Art Alliance Fundraiser in Pasadena with Robert Wyman and Lisa Krueger.  We were invited by Gina Knox who was there with her fiance Richard Mull.  There was a great photograph of her looking like a 40’s film star, and there she was in person, looking quite different from the photograph, much friendlier and ravishing in a black dress.  The apricot martinis were to die for, and I took care of a couple while we wandered the amazing art work and photography.  I seemed to be the only one downing the fresh oysters, so I did my best.   The music was kind of raucous teen wild.  At one point, there was dancing.  I hadn’t expected that.  I was expecting music like Chopin, maybe a little Mozart?  But techno bop/funk?  It was amazing, and some great people watching.  The lady in pink.  The heels with incredibly long bare legs.  The ladies in tight black, the lipstick, the pearls, the purple lace.  I had a great time.  Afterward we went to Pie N’ Burger, where I had never been.  Lisa’s rhubarb pie was great with the vanilla icecream.  My carrot cake wasn’t as good as the carrot cake Lisa makes.  The pumpkin pie Bob had was damn good.  A great night out.  Here’s to oysters and art and the lady in pink sequins.

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Lula Cocina Mexicana Santa Monica

May 15, 2009

Great day of running and writing.   Another ten miles, another two chapters.  To Lula to have dinner with Sarah Bein, my fabulous poet friend who I have known for seventeen years and her boyfriend. She is so beautiful and then there’s Trav, her boyfriend, one of my early writing students, author of “75 Miles/Hour,” one of my favorite stories.  Now a lawyer.  Good God, thinking about billable hours.  Neither of them drinking a drop of alcohol.  We made up for them.  Lula has killer margaritas if you ask for Anejo.  Great food, I want to go back there right now.  I am still hungry.  I had the duck sopes.  Very good, but I am still hungry.  Very loud party beside us.   They moved us and gave us a nice shot of tequila to smooth us.  I feel very smooth, but if I went back there now, they could smooth me out some more with another one of those. Brilliant.  Have to sleep.  I want to kick it up to 15 miles tomorrow.  We’ll see.

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Red Hen/Rattle 15 year anniversary party, EQuator Books, Venice

May 14, 2009

On my way to our fabulous party, I stopped at the studio of Michael Brewster, a Venice artist and CGU art professor who creates soundscapes.  The sound moves around you in the studio.  It feels like it is sometimes bouncing against your head, sometimes weaving from ear to ear.  There was one piece that was this large soulful hum.  The “It” in The Color Purple sounds just like that when It hums.  There was this other dark throbbing sound.  None of the sounds made me feel afraid or anxious.  I wanted to paint, or write or create music.  I wanted to generate something.  But my dog would have hated the sounds, all of them, she would have howled at the top of her voice.  And maybe that could be a soundscape too.

Then I was off to the Red Hen/Rattle party.  Kegs of beer, wine, little snacks and the space is so open and airy and lovely.  So many of our people there:  Alan and Daveen Fox, Tim Green, Paul Cummins, Kim Dower and her artist husband Tom, Jamey Hecht and his wife Sava.  He showed me his new shoes and was sporting a full beard.  Richard Beban and his wife Kaaren Kitchell zoomed in from Paris for the party.  Deena Metzger and her husband Michael Ortiz Hill.  Brendan Constantine who makes my literary heart do flips.  How does he do that with language while laughing and making us laugh and cry?  Larry Bridges.  Bart Edelman.  Our fabulous staff.  Adam, Sydney, Jin, Spencer, Lin.  Steph Opitz had planned the party magnificently.  Her amazingly cute boyfriend Sasha.  Ileanna Portilla and Wes… ex-staff people were there.  Lisa Krueger and her son Peter.  Sarah Bein.  My friend Jackie.  Eloise Klein Healy.  Mitchell Untch.  Georgia Jones Jeffries.  Lynne Thompson.  Judith Pacht.  Petra Eiko and her husband Helmut.  Okay… there were over one hundred people there, you get the idea.  We rocked that place, our DJ had the music going on.  Red Hen and Rattle are a party.   We hum.  Maybe we are part of It humming.  Maybe we are a soundscape vibrating.

And… I ran another ten miles this morning.  Humming.

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Running 10 miles

May 13, 2009

Ran 10 miles today so feeling like I am moving again.  Lunch with Alan Fox, publisher of Rattle.  Mezzomondo Trattoria in Studio City.  The 405 salad with crab meat is to die for.  I’ve had it there before.  I’m going by there sometime and getting some to take home.  I’m going to figure out how to make it.  It’s amazing.  It has the crab and then mango in it; it’s like a party in your mouth.  I like Alan’s honesty, energy and love of arts.  He’s one of those people I hope to know for a long time.  I really like his wife Daveen too although she wasn’t there today, but we will see them both tomorrow at the Red Hen/Rattle 15 year anniversary party.  My writing workshop went okay, a bit weird, but okay.

The party tomorrow should be fun.

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Solar de Cahuenga

May 12, 2009

After teaching, I met Kim Dower at Solar de Cahuenga, which is so my kind of place.  I like the people sitting on the floor with the laptops.  I liked the Malbec we had, the sweet potato fries, the spinach empanadas.  Let’s be honest, that’s what I had.  Kim is probably on a diet, she’s tiny, beautiful and eats exactly like tiny beautiful people eat.  She’s a really smart cool writer.  We’re publishing her book Air Kissing on Mars, now there’s a title, and I know she’ll be a hit.  I like writers with drive and chutzpah who also don’t have one of those annoying egos that take up all the air in the room.  Kim’s a joy.

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