Last Day of BEA, Hookers in Chelsea

May 31, 2009

Another good day which started off with a ten mile run.  Well, a successful show so far, and it’s going to be really successful if I score some cool stuff over in the Graphic Novel/Sci Fi Fantasy aisle for my teens.  I mean having Kirkus, Publishers Weekly, and Library Journal come by the press would have been the big success for most people… and it is… but scoring comic books is vital to the stability of the American family.

The American family is intact.  I got some great graphic novels.  I can’t wait to distribute them to my 26 year old with teen tastes and my actual teens.  Great times here in New York, but I’m ready to go back to Los Angeles. 

The show closed down at 3 pm and Mark and I wandered down to Telephone Bar for a drink, then we found some place near KGB where we got oysters and drinks.  I had absinthe which is really wretched to drink, but you think about Hemingway and that’s some consolation.  Then off through St. Mark’s Place, finally jumped on the train at Houston’s to go back to Chelsea.  That’s where it got funny.  We went to this restaurant, which I am not going to name, for obvious reasons.  We’re at the bar and this attractive blond comes in.  She greets the owner, the hostess, the bartender, the waiters.  Everyone knows her.  She asks the hostess if anyone has called the police.  I am frankly confused which is sadly naive.  Mark explains the situation to me.  She sits down at the bar and the bartender gives her water and a bowl of soup.  Very nice.  On a white napkin.  The guy lays the napkin on the bar, soup on top.  Miss Hottie disappears.  Mr. Moneybags with bad acne scars shows up.  Sits tight until Miss Hottie reappears. Buys her a drink.  She has a winning little way of chatting him up.  She has a filmy pink blouse and a come hither look.  I wonder what she is doing right now.  Sexy times.  We are watching The Fugitive, a really great movie, Harrison Ford is crazy cool in this.  That one armed man must be brought to justice.  I bet Miss Hottie would agree with me.  Frisky times lead to more frisky times.

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