Wine Tasting

May 23, 2009


We decide to get some wine for our dinner.  Babcock is too expensive for our blood.  $15 for a tasting.  A bit much.  But Melville was good wine, just too many people.  That’s the problem with Memorial Day.  Went to Foley which is just fabulous wine, also too many people, some of them loud and chatty.  Their wine was so expensive, I got down on my knees right there at the winery and asked God to have me born into another family, so I could afford it, but God must have been off watching a Dodger game, because I did not hear from her.  We went to Mosby where this old Air Force guy gives us the wine and is really nice.  Foxen is my favorite because there are two old guys there all the time and usually a cat or a dog and the whole place is nice and kick back and reminds me of our back yard.  And the wine is so good.    There’s the Zaca Mesa Winery that we hit last.  We bought most of our wine there.  It was good and not too crowded.  Plus they were nice to us because we are part of their wine club.  I like their whites, their peppery reds, and their whole vibe.  However, at none of the wineries did we ask the really important question:  Will this wine go well with the hotdogs we are having for dinner?  They are turkey hotdogs.  With catsup. Relish.  Dijon mustard.

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